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Tax Planning and Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Reporting from Los Angeles, CA. I flew into L.A. on Friday after being at a tax conference all week in Las Vegas where we reviewed the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in more detail.

There is great OPPORTUNITY to …

Are You Paying the Right Amount of Tax on Real Estate?

I always tell my clients when they reach that threshold of $30,000 or more that it is best to incorporate and have an S Corporation to limit the self-employment tax. When you are wholesaling contracts or properties, you’re engaged in …

What is PA Professional Association in Real Estate?

Are you a realtor receving commissions in your PA?

The PA stands for Professional Association, so the DDPR or the state allows you to operate as a corporation either under a PA or an LLC. Most agents like to be …

Proper Planning Today To Prevent Problems Tomorrow

Are you planning today to prevent problems tomorrow?

With tax planning, there are many strategies you can use, including income shifting, retirement planning, cost segregation, or depreciation. We use multiple strategies with our clients, but the key thing is to …


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