Get a jump on tax time – the IRS is accepting individual tax returns on January 27th!

Get a jump on tax time – the IRS is accepting individual tax returns on January 27th!

Monday, January 27 is a notable date in the U.S. for most citizens, young and old, rich and poor. No, it’s not the Super Bowl (that’s next weekend), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (that was last Monday), or President’s Day (no one really knows when that is!).

Instead, January 27th is the first day that the Internal Revenue Service opens up its doors to tax return filers for 2019. That’s right – individuals who want to get a jump start on the (insanely) busy tax season can submit their tax returns to the IRS on the last Monday of January.

Of course, the deadline for filing 2019 tax returns is on the traditional April 15 this year (which falls on a Wednesday if you’re keeping track at home).

With more than 150 million Americans expected to file individual returns in 2020 and a host of new legislation and codes on the books, this tax season will be as busy as ever, with the IRS is doing their best to receive and process all of those returns in a timely fashion.

While the IRS offers a host of free resources and more online filing options than ever, it still makes sense (and dollars) to sit down with me, ensuring that we’re in compliance but also that you don’t over-pay, getting every single dollar that’s due to you.

For that reason, it behooves you to contact my office AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to book a consultation so we can strategize and prepare your tax return.

Seriously, book your appointment by emailing me or calling my office at 1-954-888-6941 today to schedule your 2020 tax filing.

The IRS will be open for business on January 27th, and I’ll be ready to roll up my sleeves and work, too!

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