Tax Appointment Checklist

Personal information

  • Driver’s License or State ID for anyone listed on the return
  • Social security cards for anyone listed on the tax return
  • Date of Birth of Children listed on the tax return, if any
  • Banking information such as a voided check where you would like your refund deposited (if applicable)

Business Tax Return Item List –

  • Copy of your business prior year’s tax return
  • Copy of your personal prior year’s tax return
  • Bookkeeping
    • Updated company’s bookkeeping thru 12-31
    • Print a profit & loss statement and a balance sheet (in cash basis)
  • Copies of the 1099’s (received and distributed)
  • Copies of any payroll records, if any (including W-2s and W-3)
  • Copies of any estimated tax payments made for year, if any
  • Copies of the HUD’s for your rental properties, if any
  • List of business assets purchased in the year include the purchase date, cost, and a description of the asset
  • If htis is your first year in business, we will need a copy of the EIN Letter from the IRS
  • If your business elected to be taxed as an s-xorp, we will need a copy of the s-corp election letter received from the IRS
  • Copy of your Operating Agreement or Company Bylaws

Personal Tax Return Item List –

  • W-2’s, if any
  • Alimony Received/Paid
  • 1099’s Received (income), if any
  • 1098’s (Mortgage Interest paid), if applicable
  • Real Estate Property Taxes paid, if applicable
  • 1098-T (Tuition Statement) and any books or material purchased
  • Real estate property tax payment, if applicable
  • Copies of HUD’s for any Real Estate rental properties
  • Any charitable contributions
  • 1099-R’s, if applicable (Retirement Account Distributions)
  • 1099-SSA Social Security, if applicable
  • If self-employed, a summary of income and expenses
  • If you own rental property, a copy of the HUD and a summary of income and expenses
  • If claiming a child dependent, evidence that child resides with you i.e. schools records, healthcare provider statement, medical records, child care provider records, placement agency statement, social services records, employer statement.
  • Summary of Medical Expenses for you, your spouse and/or dependents, if any
  • Form 1095-A if you had health insurance from the marketplace or from 1095-B or 1095-C from your private insurance provider


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