July 24th & 25th



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Want to start or grow your real estate investing business?




You will learn the ins and outs of wholesaling & Flipping real estate in South Florida from mentors who do this every day.

Step-by-step instructions on how to find Off-Market Deals

Off-Market Deals

You will Learn How to Find Off-Market Deals

Learn how to find off-market deals for HUGE profits in an industry area where have less competition than other areas (yes, there are multiple way to make money in the real estate industry!). This is one of the main keys to finding the highest profit margins in the market. Also, learn about the system (the technology) we use that will give you all these deals!

Analyze Properties

You will Learn How to Analyze Properties & Potential Deals

Learn how to inspect and measure potential profits on properties with our contractor, Carl Shealy, who we have used to do over 100 rehabs. You’ll learn how we determine how much work properties will require and determine the potential expense vs. profit.

Set Up Company

You Will Learn How to Properly Set Up Your Company and Tax Entity So You Save More in Taxes!

Chief Tax Strategist with Advanced Tax Advisors, Jose A. Ramirez will teach you the ins and out of the different tax entities available to business owners and selecting the right entity for you and your business keeping in mind long term growth and keeping more money in the bank (not gifting your money to the IRS).

Get Deals

You will Learn How to Get Deals & Put Them Under Contract Correctly

You will learn how to correctly determine your numbers to make offers on properties, negotiate price with the homeowner, and put properties under contract.

Double Closing

You Will Learn When and How to Use Double Closing vs. an Assignment of Contract

You will Learn How to Market and Find Motivated Sellers During A Pandemic

You will learn all our current marketing tactics (yes, we shift tactics depending on the needs and economic climate) and how to secure deals during the pandemic!


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If after learning all these marketing and finding properties secrets, you bring us an attractive contract properly signed, we will partner up with you on the deal and fund 100% of the funds and split the profits with you! Just apply what we teach you during the Bootcamp like several of our student have! That’s right! We will put up all of the money on your deal!

This all-day Saturday & Sunday event has limited seats!!! If you apply the principles and strategies we teach during out bootcamp, this will give and edge to start your real estate investing career. Have you always been thinking of getting into real estate investing? Are you looking to expand your business and perhaps learn a few new strategies to use in your real estate business? This boot camp is for you!!! Here’s a little background on our speakers:

Step-by-step instructions on how to find Off-Market Deals



Anish Dave

Anish Dave

CEO / BREIA Lead Mentor

Anish Dave has been in banking and financing since 1999 working with different financial institutions and owning his own mortgage company. He has been a realtor since 2004 working with large investment groups and developing initiatives with non-profit organizations in the South Florida market. His extensive background in financing has led him to close multi-millions in real estate transactions throughout his career. Anish is always educating himself to keep ahead of a very dynamic market in South Florida. Anish is now the CEO of both the Broward Real Estate Investors Association and the Miami Dade REIA. Recently he received the Top Real Estate Investor of the Year award for 2016 from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

Ryan Kuhlman

President/ BREIA Lead Mentor

Ryan Kuhlman has been involved in many aspects of Real Estate since 1990. He started working for a developer at the age of 19 doing everything from painting to collecting rent. After graduating from the Ohio State University in 1996, Ryan relocated to Miami, Florida, and has been involved in Real Estate investing ever since. From becoming head of Conversions and Marketing for one of the largest Developers in the state of Florida to then owning K.I. Properties, a wholesale investment company, Ryan has gained experience in many facets of Real Estate. Ryan is now the President of both the Broward Real Estate Investors Association and the Miami-Dade REIA. Ryan is now the youngest President of the National Real Estate Investors Association.

Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez​

Chief Tax Strategist at Advanced Tax Advisors

Is Advanced Tax Advisors' founder, CEO, and an expert at implementing tax-saving strategies for business owners and real estate investors. As a tax strategist, he has saved his clients hundreds of thousands over the years. He uses strategies such as cost segregation reports, accelerated depreciation, bonus depreciation, selecting the right tax entity or having multiple tax entities when needed. income shifting, Augusta rule, and many more to save his clients thousands in taxes.

Kevin Tacher

Kevin Tacher​


Also known as "The Title King" - is the founder and CEO of Independence Title Inc., a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based title insurance company. Kevin is an best-selling author and national real estate speaker. As seen on NBC as well as in person, Kevin has shared the stage with some of the country's best real estate and motivational speakers. As a trailblazer in the industry, Kevin founded the nationally recognized website which is the leading source for title insurance rates, real estate mobile applications, and up-to-date real estate information.

Carl Shealy

Primary Contractor for BREIA​

Is the contractor and Qualifier for Pierre's Remodeling & Construction for over 25 years. Carl has been a member of BREIA for all 25 of those. He holds 14 licenses including Roofing, Mold Remediation, and Odor Control. Carl is our primary Contractor and we have done almost 100 rehabs in the last 10 years. Carl is one of the most trusted Contractors and has clients all over the State of Florida.

Francisco Mago

Francisco Mago​

Owner of REIFAX​

Will show you how to navigate through the intricate path of finding the perfect deal. Actually, finding great deals has never been easier! ReiFax is introducing new features constantly, and in this training, there will be special interest in showing you how to find Vacant and Abandoned properties and how to do Marketing for them, so your business improves like anything you've seen before!